Experts in Selling High-Value Businesses throughout New Zealand

Take advantage of the LINK Enterprise Effect.

LINK sells more privately owned businesses than anyone else and LINK Enterprise is our specialist division focused on sales of businesses with a value of $2M – $30M & up.

Over the past 10 years, the LINK Enterprise team has successfully achieved better values for its clients across a broad range of high-value business sales. Typically, those values have been higher than might be advised in a standard accountancy evaluation.

How? Because we deliver more strategic and financially strong buyers, securing multiple offers from an international audience.

Selling your business – Smarter

There are three key elements to selling a business, successfully.


Work with Experienced brokers that get the job done.

Experience counts and the LINK Enterprise Team has a proven track record in successfully selling high value businesses demonstrated over many years. We’ve sold more businesses worth over $2M than any other brokerage in New Zealand and won more global awards than any other LINK office. We focus on maximising your sales value and making sure you don’t leave money on the table – let’s talk, confidentially of course.


Look far and wide for the best buyers.

The best buyers rarely come to you directly. LINK Enterprise are expert in defining the opportunity your business represents to the market, and then making direct contact with a wide range of potential acquirers. Confidentiality is key here and all potential acquirers are qualified and secured under a binding confidentiality agreement before specific details of your business are detailed.


Ensure that there are multiple buyers interested in your business

Choice is an absolute must in any business sale. Negotiating with just one buyer often means they have control over the sale process. So, to get the best value, deal terms and structure when selling, you need multiple potential acquirers at the deal table. LINK Enterprise create a competitive environment. We set deadlines, keep buyers to a timetable, control the momentum, and make it clear to buyers that there are other interested parties in the frame.
We aim to bring you multiple options so you can choose the best-fit acquirer, and the right deal for you.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Download our 26-page guide to selling your business, smarter